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Cameron is two!

If you know me, you know I love a good party. I love planning parties, hosting parties, and I even love staying up all hours of the night working on details of parties. I can only do this a few times a year and our boys birthdays are when I get my party planning bug going full force. Cameron’s 2nd birthday was not without a little extra struggle and sadness because Carter fought some yucky bug the day before the party. Not only is nursing my sweet boy NOT in the party plan agenda, but I was heartbroken he was going to miss the party because Cameron is one of Carter’s biggest fans.

So of course I spent more time snuggling Carter than working on last minute party details, and also the day of the party was so crazy with my husband staying upstairs to snuggle Carter I missed so many photos, I can’t believe I didn’t get ONE photo of the birthday boy with my parents, how did that happen? The day just went really fast, I think the good news is everyone had a great time and we were so happy to have our friends and family join us for Cameron’s 2nd birthday, a music theme, because that is just what he’s into these days. That and cars….

Here are the highlights of the day, of the photos I managed to capture.



Murrieta Children’s Photographer – Blueberry Farm

I will never forget the reason my childhood photography hobby became my passion and business, because what keeps me going, is capturing children. I admit the process is not easy, but it’s always so rewarding to come home and see what I captured. Todays subjects are our very own boys, Carter, the happy go lucky sweetheart and Cameron just turned 16 months old yesterday. And he has a secret personality. He is so funny, kind to his brother and full of laughter, but anytime there is something new, he becomes Mr. Serious, he is an observer and takes it all in. I really hoped I could capture one of his sweet smiles, that always follows with the best belly laugh, but no. Either way both boys enjoyed the morning at


Click each image to view larger.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!

One of my many traditions with my own children is to take their photos for Valentine’s Day, I love getting in the spirit of this lovely holiday.

These were taken in my small home studio, I use the studio primarily for newborns and one child at a time, but it was just way too cold to go outside this morning and still be able to show off their shirts from A Lil’ Hip Shop
Check out their current items for sale, they are so cute, reasonable and well made> Maria was wonderful to work with.

So without further ramblings here are the kids from our special Valentines session today.
First this little guy wandered in on his own to see what I was up to.


Then on with their special shirts and snapped a few shots of each kiddo, yes our Pug girl too!




Temecula Children’s Photographer -This is what happiness looks like!

Sometimes letting kids do what they want to do makes for the best pictures, better than you could have planned!

Though if I had any idea jumping was going to be the plan I would have set a faster shutter speed and then his hand would not be blurry.
Nevertheless I love this shot, this is of my own little guy, as you could guess he’s 5 years old. Carter has Mowat Wilson Syndrome, I am a big advocate for Carter and special needs children in general, if you ever have any questions I am an open book, please ask me.

Want to capture your little one doing what they love most? Shoot me an email, or give me a call and we can plan your session.

His shirt is by the amazing Rachel at *golden*

Burlap bunting by Tutulicious Boutique, though I added the colored dots, they are just paper!

Seuss Themed Birthday Party: Part 1

Oh where to begin on this Seuss adventure. First let me say I LOVE throwing parties and by throwing them I mean dreaming them up, obsessing about the details, and of course designing the invites (with a photo of course).
I love to create fun little details that make each party different and special. This party was thrown for our own boys Carter and Cameron. Even when I was pregnant with Cameron who was due early January, I kept secretly hoping he’d be born in December. Yes, I know it’s terrible to wish for an early baby, but I just knew that if he had a birthday near Christmas and Carter’s a thanksgiving baby it would be just perfect for joint parties for the few years I could get away with it. Well you know how babies have their own plans. After being overdue the little guy well into January….with some prompting, he entered the world on January 18, 2012. So now what, the boys birthdays are almost 2 months apart?! Well practicality won out and I was pretty sure planning and throwing TWO parties amongst Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years would pretty much kill me, so the joint party won out for this year anyway. Dr. Seuss was chosen because I loved reading it as a child, I love reading the books to Carter and it just seemed whimsical and fun, plus I am a sucker for red and turquoise together.

I have so much I want to share about the details of the party for those that want to know “how’d you do that?” but I will save that for another day. I also have a 2nd set of photos of the boys in their amazing birthday shirts from *Golden* that I will share in a future blog post, as well as Cameron’s 1st birthday cake smash photos.

I want to give a special shout out to the amazing Alicia’s 3 Little Babes Etsy shop who did the banner, cupcake toppers and food signs. The cake was done the the talented and wonderful to work with Jennifer at Delightful Edibles.

So enough talking and here are the photos….oh and photographing your own party. Don’t do it! It was such a fail! I lost count of how many nights I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning hand making party hats, glueing, cutting, printing, making last minute “crinkle paper” in my paper shredder and SO MUCH of the party’s details didn’t get documented because I was still making food when the guests arrived. That being said, many great moments DID get captured, so here they are!

BoysBdayBlog1 BoysBdayBlog2 BoysBdayBlog3 BoysBdayBlog4






Beginning 2013 with bliss!

Hello 2013! Feeling incredibly blessed today. I’m riding in the car right now on the way home from Las Vegas, just hubby and I, but that isn’t why I am feeling blessed (however spending the last 24 hours alone with my hubby was wonderful!) There was a challenge our family had in 2012, that has been resolved with happy ending. The challenge was finding a special needs bed for our older son that would provide him with a safe place to sleep. He very much outgrew his crib last year and the few suitable beds we could find for him were expensive, like buying a car expensive! So crazy. I exhausted every option I could think of and was feeling pretty beat down. But then I got a message from a family who has a child with the same syndrome as our son. This family has been in my shoes, they understood my concerns, they had their insurance company deny covering a bed, they too had missed out on a lot of sleep because their child has special needs and was not safe when he slept. To be understood is wonderful, but they found a solution! Further, their kiddo is 7 years older than our son so….they were selling their custom special needs bed as he was moving to a larger and newer design more suited for him.
I was ecstatic!

And then…. we waited. We waited for his new bed to be built. Then right before Christmas we got the call, it was time to pick up the bed.

And more about our bliss, our boys see their grandparents almost daily! My mom just retired (another blessing) and was able to watch the boys so that if we were going to make the drive to Las Vegas we were able to stay the night and have a date night in Vegas. Gosh it was fun!

So here I sit, 86 miles from home. We’re towing a trailer that contains peace for our family. A safe and comfortable place for our special boy to sleep! Knowing he’s safe means better sleep for mommy = bliss! I’ll be sure to share photos once we get it all set up.

And you might be asking yourself what this has to do with photography? Absolutely nothing, ha!
Though as someone that started my photography journey to capture the special moments in our lives, and now I have the privilege of getting to know you and your families and doing the same thing I just wanted to share some joy that I am feeling. I know there are a lot more moments of joy in store for our family and yours. And there is a lot more in store for Sara Bell Photography (SBP) and one of my commitments for 2013 is regular blogging, so on that note, we’ll chat again soon. I’d love to hear from you what is making your feel blissful and blessed right now.

And yes the photographer is sharing an iPhone snapshot of our son, it’s pretty easy to fight for this little sweetie. He’s helping mommy juice limes. What a good boy! In our house fresh lime juice usually means margaritas.


May your 2013 be full of wonderful bliss, and I would be honored to capture your moments!