Cameron is two!

If you know me, you know I love a good party. I love planning parties, hosting parties, and I even love staying up all hours of the night working on details of parties. I can only do this a few times a year and our boys birthdays are when I get my party planning bug going full force. Cameron’s 2nd birthday was not without a little extra struggle and sadness because Carter fought some yucky bug the day before the party. Not only is nursing my sweet boy NOT in the party plan agenda, but I was heartbroken he was going to miss the party because Cameron is one of Carter’s biggest fans.

So of course I spent more time snuggling Carter than working on last minute party details, and also the day of the party was so crazy with my husband staying upstairs to snuggle Carter I missed so many photos, I can’t believe I didn’t get ONE photo of the birthday boy with my parents, how did that happen? The day just went really fast, I think the good news is everyone had a great time and we were so happy to have our friends and family join us for Cameron’s 2nd birthday, a music theme, because that is just what he’s into these days. That and cars….

Here are the highlights of the day, of the photos I managed to capture.




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